SAFE Home Inventory Software (Secure Assets For Everyone)

SAFE Home Inventory Software (Secure Assets For Everyone) SAFE Home Inventory Software: Keeps Important Information Organized
If your home were burglarized or destroyed by fire, would you remember everything that was stolen or destroyed? Now you can record every item or possession, room by room, and keep it up-to-date quickly and easily. SAFE Home Inventory software allows limitless entries, categories, and locations. With SAFE Home Inventory software you can even enter photos of your possessions, invoices, and warranties. SAFE Home Inventory software quickly compiles and prints insurance claims and theft reports for the police.
While you’re documenting your valuables, why not complete your estate planning at the same time? As you enter each item in SAFE Home Inventory software you can instantly designate just "who" gets "what" of your possessions. And, for a more personal touch, you can even footnote each special item with a heart felt message of just why you are giving this item to the beneficiary. Then simply generate graphs and reports that not only show the values of each item, but the percentage of your estate that was given to each inheritor.
From bank accounts and insurance policies to retirement plans and everything in between, now you’ll have everything organized in one place to eliminate frustrating searches. Use SAFE Home Inventory software to keep all of your important records organized. SAFE Home Inventory software even prepares and updates your personal net worth — the program automatically does all of the math.
Is the television still under warranty? What’s the camera’s serial number? When did we buy this DVD player and where is the invoice? With SAFE Home Inventory software, getting answers to these questions becomes elementary.
"SAFE gives you the power to feel secure."
System Requirements:
32Bit Intel Pentium Class Processor (133MHz minimum)
60MB Hard Drive space
Windows Compatible Printer
Photographic Camera, Digital Camera and/or Scanner
Internet Service Provider (optional)
Currently available in English Only.
SAFE Home Inventory software is certified KODAK Picture Friendly. The KODAK Picture Friendly logo means this software works well with KODAK PHOTONET™ Online, KODAK Picture CD, and KODAK Digital Cameras, and is in compliance with applicable 2002 requirements.
KODAK and KODAK PHOTONET are trademarks of the Eastman Kodak Company.
SAFE (Secure Assets For Everyone)™ and the SAFE logo are trademarks of Red Queen Software, Inc. All rights reserved.
Please make your selection carefully. There will be a charge to download this software. We do not offer a "free trial" of this software. We will be glad to refund your money within five days of the initial transaction if you are not completely satisfied for any reason, as long as you do not register the software. Your refund will be given in the same manor as your payment — minus the fee we are charged by element5 for the cost of downloading the software and processing your order/refund.
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