School Administration Made Easy

School Administration Made EasySchool Administration Made Easy is our software created for Private Sector Schools, to automate and digitize their work in accordance to the guidelines laid by the Ministry of Education for Administration of Schools in Pakistan.

SAME automates Accounting and Accounts Management, Curriculum Management, Examination, Public Relations, Students and Employees Record Management and Reports Production.

Accounting and Accounts Management:
1. Receiving and Record keeping of Monthly Tuition Fee, Transport Charges and Hostel Charges.
2. Receiving and Record keeping of Admission Fee, Annual Fee and Security Deposit.
3. Printing of Fees Receipt.
4. Generation of Dues Reminder Slips for issuance to Students.
5. Staff Salaries Management.
6. Accounts and Ledger Management
7. Bank Accounts Management with ability to add unlimited Number of Accounts
8. Cash n Hand Management

1. Subject Wise Result
2. Class Wise Result With Positions
3. Class-wise Academic Analysis for Whole Year
4. Individual Student Result for Specified Examination (With Bar Charts)
5. Individual Student Academic Analysis for Whole Year (With Bar Charts)

Students and Employees Record Management
1. Storage of complete personal data of students including Pictures
2. Storage of Fees Data of each student for needed sessions
3. Teaching Staff (Personal, Academic and Professional)
4. Non-Teaching Staff Data

Reports Production
1. Daily Income Report
2. Daily Expenditure Report
3. Monthly Income Report
4. Monthly Expenditure Report
5. Monthly Receivable Report
6. Quarterly Receivable Report
7. Admission Due Report
8. Income Report for specified Date Range (From Date To Date)
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