SE WebBOMSE WebBOM is a web-service based internet enabled application to securely access SE BOM database that was extracted by SE BOM Extractor.

You can setup SE WebBOM Server in such a way, that only selected users will be given full access to SE BOM database; others will only be able to see a predefined limited subset of the Bill of Materials database.

SE WebBOM Server must be installed and configured on Windows 2000 or 2003 server with .NET and IIS 5.0+ running.

SE WebBOM is setup as a .NET web service on your web server, so SE WebBOM clients can securely connect to the server via internet or local network connection. Your Internet Information Server (IIS) could be tuned up to restrict access to SE WebBOM Server by ip address, ip mask or a domain name.

Once SE WebBOM Server is setup, SE WebBOM Client safely connects to the central BOM database.
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