Seamless Texture Generator PRO

Seamless Texture Generator PROSeamless Texture Generator is the perfect tool for making photographs into seamless textures suitable for games, 3D artwork, and webpage backgrounds!

Other programs which claim to make images seamless have poor image quality, or are filled with tons of useless features designed to dazzle, but which you will never use, and which make them a pain to use.

Seamless Texture Generator was designed to make the job of creating seamless images as painless as possible, while retaining the maximum image quality possible.

Much research went into the algorithms which STG uses to make images seamless, and remove highlights and shadows.

Most seamless image generators use simplistic alpha blending algorithms which destroy contrast and color in the blended area, and create ghosting artifacts. Some even reduce the effective resolution of your texture by as much as half by stamping a copy of the center of the texture over each corner to make the image seamless!

STG uses a custom algorithm designed with the artist in mind. It retains both color and contrast, and does not blend in a way that creates ghosting artifacts. In fact, looking at the finished texture, you’d swear it always looked that way. In many cases it does almost as good as, or better a job than you could do by painting the seames out manually!

While you’re at it, why not upgrade to Seamless Texture Generator PRO?

Seamless Texture Generator PRO supports exporting textures of ANY size, and imports additional image formats like DDS and PSD!

Plus, with PRO, you will gain access to any other useful PRO-only features which are added in future upgrades!
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