Second Road-Map of Switzerland 1836

Second Road-Map of Switzerland 1836A map of the Swiss roads printed in 1836 by Heinrich Keller. Many details are shown on the map like the height of the mountains or the population of the Cantons.
1 scanned map of 20 sheets in .jpg format.
Size of each sheet: ~2250 x ~1240 pixels x 300 dpi.
Real size, same as the original: 53.50 cm x 73.00 cm.
Can be viewed and printed with any imaging software (Photoshop etc.)
If you choose e-mail shipping, you will receive immediately after completion of your payment a download link with login and password valid for 24 hours. If you choose physical shipping, you will receive the same link and, in addition, a CD-ROM copy of the map by post. Physical handling and shipping costs are 10 euros for all countries.
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