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Secure Hunter Anti-MalwareSecure Hunter Anti-Malware Pro Antivirus software is no longer enough to keep you safe online. While viruses are still a cause for concern, cyber threats are being produced that can infect your computer, view your photos, steal your identity and hack into your bank account, simply because you opened a web browser. Unfortunately, antivirus programs cannot detect these threats – thatâ€�trade;s why you need Secure Hunter. Acting as a sidekick to your antivirus program, Secure Hunter locates malicious software and eliminates it before it reaches your data. A low-cost option for malware protection, Secure Hunter hunts down Trojans, worms, spyware, ad-ware and more, use our cyber security glossary. Available by instant download, Secure Hunter is designed to provide immediate protection against the Internets nastiest bugs. Are you ready to experience the relief of worry-free browsing? From desktops to laptops, PCs are a vital component of everyday life. Whether yours is for work or pleasure, any intrusion into your private space is an unwelcome one. Secure Hunterâ€�trade;s personal anti-malware software was developed specifically for individuals who donâ€�trade;t want to sacrifice privacy when surfing the web. Secure Hunterâ€�trade;s free program immediately scans your system to detect any threats lurking behind-the-scenes. For one small annual fee (only 5 cents a day), Secure Hunter Anti-Malware Pro offers real-time protection, email notifications and automated scanning for generations of safe browsing.Five cents a day for worry-free browsing? Go ahead – share the good news with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and any other social media you use!
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