SEIedit.comSEIedit is our solution in order to modify VUI and SEI metadata, adding the necessary HDR information to it. For fast success within ten minutes after purchasing the software, SEIedit comes with a preset, compatible to many modern TVs with HDR capability. supports 10 Bit and 8 Bit streams supports .ts, .mp4, .mkv containers edits VUI info edits selected SEI messages for HDR purposes, such as mastering display information edits MaxCLL and MaxFall values for the entire file or multiple timestamps supports batch processing of multiple files using the same preset shows existing metadata info VUI/SEI of the opened file SEIedit does not change the source signal. Your video files are not being reencoded, so we always maintain the highest quality possible. SEIedit is compatible with Windows 10 and some previous versions of Windows.
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Summary: SEIedit, Windows 10, batch processing, ten minutes, 10 Bit, 8 Bit

Concepts: File system, Windows Vista, NTFS, MS-DOS, Inter-process communication, Windows Server 2008, System Restore, Microsoft Windows

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Tags: containers edits VUI, necessary HDR information, display information edits, batch processing, SEI metadata, HDR capability., HDR purposes, info edits, SEI messages, multiple timestamps, modern TVs, Inter-process communication, fast success, file SEIedit, MaxFall values, entire file, source signal, Windows Vista, previous versions, highest quality, multiple files, Windows Server, Microsoft WindowsCategories, video files, Bit, preset, NTFS, MS-DOS, solution, order, Restore, software, .ts, .mp4, .mkv, MaxCLL, VUI/SEI, Windows.Summary, BitConcepts, /technology

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