Selaras Accounting

Selaras AccountingThe advantages of Selaras Accounting
Developed as the right business and accounting application for various companies , such as trade, services, manufacture or combines of them
Easy to use , easy to manage the whole data when it comes to searching
Has integrated modules as a unit of business and accounting system
Uses inventory using FIFO and Average methods together
Has cost management modules to keep an eye on the expenditure / cost of the company
Form and report has capable to exporting into various forms of file such as excel, word, web, and others
Flexible, have many options to support business policy, such as sales pricing option, sales unit option, sales tax option, sales operational model,COD,credit,Order With Advance Payment, and others
Have many business letter template, such as letter requesting closure of credit account, requesting payment of overdue account, final request letter for overdue payment, introductory letter to new client, letter Requesting Payment before order delivery,and others
Have advance user security management and user authorized
Runs on the Windows VISTA / 7/8 and Windows Server
Powerful IFRS Compliant Accounting Software
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