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Service Catalog Process KitITIL� Alignment Begins With Service Catalog Management
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Service Catalog Management is a key component of the ITIL Framework. Carefully planned and documented IT Service Management (ITSM) processes are becoming an increasingly important component in the delivery of higher customer satisfaction. The Service Catalog Process Kit provides a wide variety of resources to boost your understanding and ability to implement Service Catalog Management in your organization.
This Kit covers Service Catalog fundamentals the use of Service Catalogs as a core IT tool covering the services themselves, default capabilities, measures and primary means of access and provision. It then shows how this tool is pivotal in demonstrating the value IT provides to facilitate business operations. Put together by The Art of Service’s industry experts and using real case studies, this valuable kit takes the reader beyond the theoretical to focus on the real business benefits of Service Catalogs and how to implement them successfully within an organization.
This innovative set of documents and ready-to-use templates will provide you with a head start for both learning and implementation of an IT service organization that meets today’s standards. It is tailor-fit for IT managers who need to move towards a services-oriented organization, but they don’t have the time or resources at hand to develop the required templates and structure for implementation.
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26 Actionable Documents That Will Make Your Job Easier!
The Service Catalog Process Kit will take you and your team through each step of the implementation process. Below is a description of each document:
Included are THREE full blown Service Catalogs, ready for you to adopt to your own environment
1. Business and IT Service Mapping
The first key task during a SLM implementation is to map the current Business Process to the provision of IT Services. This document guides you through this. Plus you will get a template to capture the information.
2. Business Justification Document
This template is a business case document that will help you structure a successful document that can be presented to senior management and board members justifying the need for Service Level Management in your organization.
3. Communication Plan
To be successful with a process implementation it is important to have a communication plan in place. This document provides an approach and a list of documents that need to be created for your communication campaign.
4. Corporate Based SLA
This document is a template for Service Level Agreements at a Corporate Level.
5. Customer Based SLA
This document is a template for Service Level Agreements at a Customer Level.
6. E-Mail Text
During your communication campaign it is important to let the IT staff know about the Service Level Management process and the benefits it will provide to them. This document provides a useful template for this communication.
7. Functional Specifications
Template for the functional specification of the services being provided by the IT department. This would be written in Business English.
8. Technical Specifications
Template for the technical specifications of the services provided by the IT department. This would be written in Technical English.
9. Operational Level Agreements
This template provides a structure for agreeing and creating agreements on services provided by internal departments within the Organisation.
10. SLM Powerpoint Presentation
During the implementation it is considered best practice to involve all necessary parties. To get significant buy-in across the organization a number of road shows may need to be conducted. This powerpoint presentation provides you with 1 hour of slides defininge Service Level management.
11. Service Based SLA
This document is a template for Service Level Agreements.
12. Service Catalog Medium
The Service Catalogis a list of Services that the IT Department can or does deliver to its Customers.
13. Price List
Template or Appendix that can be used to show a break down of the price for each service.
14. Service Level Project Plan
This documents provides a skeleton outline for planing and project managing your process implementation.
15. Service Level Management Policies and Guidelines
It is important to set Policies and Guidelines for your Service Level Management process. This document provides a structure and written words.
16. Service Level Management Process Template
This document includes a series of objectives and goals for the SLM process along with a skeleton map of the process itself. It also includes a process for instigating and running a Service Improvement Programe.
17. Service Level Management Review Document
This document provides a guideline for reviewing your organizations current Service Level Management process. It will provide you with a maturity level for the process and highlight those areas that are open for improvement.
18. Service Level Management Scope Document
All processes need to have a Scope. This document will provide a template for creating your Scope for the Service Level Management process.
19. Service Level Requirements
A template and list of questions for gathering the Customers requirements regarding desired services.
20. Service Options
Template for breaking the services into options, i.e. Gold, Silver, Bronze level of Service.
21. SLM Flyer – Business and IT Flyers
During your communication campaign it is important to let the organisation now what IT is doing. These flyers present an easy way of doing this.
22. Reports and KPI targets and additional metrics
A list of key reports and Key Performance Indicators for the Service Level Management process, plus additional metrics that may need to be considered.
23. SLM Process Manager Document
This document outlines the role, responsibility and tasks of the SLM Process Manager. It also includes a brief outline of the necessary skills needed by a SLM Process Manager.
24. Underpinning Contracts
This template provides a structure for agreeing and creating Underpinning Contracts with External Service Providers.
25. Full Service Catalog Large
Full Service Catalog template
26. Full Service Catalog Extended
Extended Service Catalog template

The documents listed above correspond directly with IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes. Clear instructions explaining the application of each template are provided within the corresponding documents.
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