Sinalyzer BASIC

Sinalyzer BASICExcel workbook (.XLSX) to make simulations of incomes and expenses (two languages: english & spanish). Time scale can be modified to months, quarters, semesters and years. Simulations till 20 years. Valid for any currency. Language can be changed: english or spanish.
Libro Excel (.XLSX) para realizar simulaciones de ingresos y gastos. Escala de tiempos modificable en meses, trimestres, semestres y años. Simulaciones a lo largo de 20 años. Válido para cualquier moneda. Idioma seleccionable: español o ingles.
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Summary: Idioma seleccionable, 20 years

Concepts: Language, German language, Programming language, Linguistics, Microsoft Office

/automotive and vehicles/vehicle brands/fiat
/technology and computing/computer certification
/art and entertainment/books and literature

Tags: para cualquier moneda, para realizar simulaciones, tiempos modificable en, Excel workbook, Libro Excel, lo largo, ol o ingles.Summary, Time scale, ingresos y gastos, German language, Programming language, Microsoft OfficeCategories, vehicles/vehicle brands/fiat/technology, computing/computer certification/art, Idioma, simulations, .XLSX, Escala, incomes, semesters, lido, expenses, quarters, Valid, a&ntilde, currency, languages, Linguistics, meses, trimestres, semestres, espa&ntilde, yearsConcepts

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