Sinalyzer PROJECT

Sinalyzer PROJECTLicense: 12 months. Powerful estimating tool focus on projects and bids (two languages: english & spanish). Accurate calculation of project costs, features for the analysis of man-hours and working load based on profiles, disciplines, etc.
Licencia: 12 meses. Potente herramienta para proyectos y ofertas (2 idiomas: inglés y español). Cálculo preciso de costes de proyecto, funciones para el análisis de horas-hombre y carga de trabajo basada en perfiles, especialidades, etc.
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Summary: 12 months

Concepts: Mathematics, Project, Cost, Project management

/business and industrial/business operations/management/project management
/family and parenting/babies and toddlers
/business and industrial/construction

Tags: herramienta para proyectos, funciones para el, Powerful estimating tool, industrial/business operations/management/project management/family, Accurate calculation, project costs, horas-hombre y carga, industrial/construction, idiomas, Potente, bids

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