SL Obfuscator Standard for server

SL Obfuscator Standard for serverSL Obfuscator Standard performs obfuscation program source code written in VisualBasic.NET Obfuscation is performed "throw" of files on a label or adjusting the program through command line parameters.
Full control over the changes in the code!
The program produces obfuscation function names, variables. String constants reregistered as an obfuscated variable transfer them to the start of the program code and mixed.
Quality control of obfuscation is done through the browser or IDE.
In IDE can test the obfuscated code and measure the performance of interest obfuscated functions!
If after obfuscation were mistakes – they can be easily identified in the IDE and disable obfuscation variables causing errors.
Obfuscation results are displayed in a html-report.
Use simple setup automatic obfuscation parameters in the compiling process.
The program is part of the software package "SourceLocalizer".
Program work on a server operating system, integration with the build server, version control systems, producing reports in JUnit format.
License include 1 year of technical support and update.
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