Small Business Internal Audit Software

Small Business Internal Audit SoftwareWhat is Small Business Internal Audit Software? Small Business Internal Audit with free audit coaching is a step-by-step software program to help businesses conduct their own internal audits. Software Features: Free "Sneak a Peek" trial so you can experience the power of this software before you buy. 100 audit coaching sessions (a $5,000 value) with an award-winning MBA degreed internal audit coach. Businesses can use these sessions to get help with their audit scope, audit plan, audit report, audit testing, business process documentation, audit interviews or any other audit related topic. All coaching sessions are completely confidential. See Privacy Policy. A confidential Internal Audit Improvement Plan developed by your audit coach for your business (a $2,000 value). Walks businesses through internal audit tests in an effort to detect company fraud and other improper activities. Helps businesses audit your customer service, advertising and marketing, sales, billing, operations, accounting and finance, information systems and physical security processes. Protects businesses from fraud and pilferage by putting the proper internal controls in place for all key departments. Helps businesses save thousands of dollars by doing their own internal audits. Accounting firms typically take 300 hours to complete an audit and bill clients between $75 and $150 an hour for their audit services. Lets businesses use our internal auditing software to keep employees honest and protect company assets. Includes built-in internal audit sample size calculator to help businesses determine the scope of each internal audit test. Provides a FREE comprehensive review and proofreading of the final audit report ($750 value).
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