Smart Auto Typer Talker and Paste

Smart Auto Typer Talker and PasteAutomate your typing process by creating dedicated shortcuts for the phrases or sentences you are using very frequently with this app. Irrespective of how fast and accurate you write, there is always room for improvement. In case you want to increase your productivity in the office and get daunting tasks completed in no time, then you should consider an automation tool. As the name suggests, Smart Auto Typer Talker and Paste is a utility designed to lend you a hand with the typing activities you need to perform on a regular basis. Simple setup and intuitive interface Even though it is not overly complicated, the setup entails decompressing the archive and then following the instruction to install the app on your computer. Upon launch, you are welcomed by a minimalistic and clean UI, but that is suitable given the role of the application. The interface consists of a window that displays the list of shortcuts you created for automating typing or tasks that require talking. In addition to the actual text, you can preview the shortcut, time interval and whether the action is designed for talking or typing from the main window. Comes with a talker and paste functions. You can create macros or delete the ones you no longer need by accessing the Add or Delete button from the lower area of the UI. You can create a new macro by typing in the desired text and specifying a few details. You should know that the app allows you to use the talker to speak the text, an option that can come in handy when working with videos. A handy app for automating typing, talking and pasting routine tasks In the eventuality that your line of work entails typing identical information within documents, templates or forms you are managing, then Smart Auto Typer Talker and Paste is a tool that can help you automate and finish tedious activities in no time.
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