SMImport suite for Delphi/CBuilder

SMImport suite for Delphi/CBuilderComponents from SMImport suite allows to import a data from external file formats: 1. MS Excel spreadsheet (directly without OLE/DDE) 2. text delimited file 3. text fixed width file 4. XML file 5. HTML file 6. MS Access database 7. MS Word document 8. Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet 9. QuattroPro spreadsheet 10. Paradox table (directly without BDE) 11. DBase table (directly without BDE) 12. any ADO connection 13. Advantage database 14. DBISAM table 15. Clarion data file 16. MS Windows clipboard 17. Windows Address Book (WAB) 18. BDE datasource 19. some dataset component The wizard component from suite (like wizard in MS Office) allows to define a settings of import process visually. Most components allow to load data from streams (memory, blobs, cgi etc) To add the import component is simple way to expand the own application. Give a nice feature with ultimate performance for your end-users. SMImport is a native VCL engine with multilanguage support.
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