SMWordDocument for Delphi/C++Builder

SMWordDocument for Delphi/C++BuilderSMWord suite for Delphi/CBuilder is a native VCL components for direct and fast text extraction from any MS Word document. MSWordDocument component allow to read any Word document directly without OLE automation of MS Word application (MS Word installed is not required). Direct text extraction allow to process large documents very-very fast. Summary Information is available too. You may use this component to provide a search engine – for example, find document where some substring is occured or to display summary information and text preview in own file manager.
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Summary: search engine, Delphi/CBuilder

Concepts: Visual Basic for Applications, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, Word processor, Component Object Model, OLE Automation

/technology and computing/programming languages/visual basic
/technology and computing/internet technology/web search
/technology and computing/software

Tags: MS Word, fast text extraction, native VCL components, MS Word document, Direct text extraction, computing/internet technology/web search/technology, MS Word application, summary information, Component Object Model, search engine, OLE automation, OLE AutomationCategories, SMWord suite, MSWordDocument component, Word processor, large documents, Microsoft Word, text preview, file manager.Summary, Visual Basic, Microsoft Office, languages/visual basic/technology, substring, Delphi/CBuilder, example, Delphi/CBuilderConcepts

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