SocketMail Professional Edition (Advanced Package)

SocketMail Professional Edition (Advanced Package)The Professional Edition provides complete components for your e-mail solution. The components are :
SMTP server
POP3 server
Webmail client
The SMTP and POP3 servers code were written entrirely in PHP with pcntl support (–enable-pcntl).
SocketMail Professional is a multi-domain with unlimited users mail server. To enable this idea to take place, functionality and interface are designed into this provider-host-users relationship.
Per server, there is only one (1) provider and the provider function is to provide service to all hosts/domains which the provider hosted. Each host then serve public or users. From this relationship, its clear that each node or members of the relationship have it own task and function. Therefore, provider will have Provider Console (via web browser) to administrate service for hosts/domains.
Host/Domain will have Webmaster Console (via web browser) to manage rights and functionality provided by provider plus to serve it users. End-user will have the web client interface to manage it mails and to utilize services and products provided by the provider via the host.
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