Spectrum Analyzer pro Live Softwarebox

Spectrum Analyzer pro Live SoftwareboxCorrelation Meter (giving you information about the the mono compatibility of a stereo and a Surround signal) you also can make easily Phase Check with this tool… Displaying in 1/3 Octave and FFT (31, 2048 Bands) Decay settings (Display speed) for the Spectrum in the Octave Mode, the FFT Mode and one for the VU-Meters Big Window (to have a full screen of the spectrum) see screen shot… Multi Mode Support. Switch between 4 Stereo Devices easily with the Keys (Ctrl & F1 – Ctrl & F4). So you can analyze the input for Alesis ADAT, 8 Track Recording and any Multi Channel recordings… Mp3/Wave Tools like: A Normalize function for wave files, Codec to convert Mp3 back to wave files, Split Stereo Wave file into 2 Mono files, Swap left with the right channels Spectrum +3dB for an overall improved monitoring of signals (less bass and more highs!)
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