Speereo Voice Organizer. Sapie. (Smartphone Version)

Speereo Voice Organizer. Sapie. (Smartphone Version)Multiple Pocket PC’s Best Software Finalist, Sapie has become even smarter and handy by now!
Sapie is trained to provide brand new means of personal time management – voice interaction with a user.
Talk to Sapie as if you were having a real-life dialogue with your secretary.
This technology exceeds any possible expectations you might have, loading another regular PIM on your device.
Now scheduling your day is as easy as giving orders to a secretary!

Sapie is taught for wide range of tasks: from voice mailing and voice dialing to the detailed day notes.
She has everything you need to:
-Set up a reminder by one button
-Operate voice E-Mails by giving appropriate voice commands
-Input and manage your contacts and agenda at the speed of your voice

Sapie differs greatly from other PIMs! You don’t have to push your buttons dozens of times and you can forget about stylus.
Just press button and talk! She’ll do the rest for you.

What are the main features:
-Advanced mathematical technology, which allows her to understand all the thinkable accents and pronunciations at any speed of a person’s speech.
-All voice communication is based on human-types of dialogues in order not to repeat the same single phrase over and over again.
-Do not look at the screen all the time. Sapie will lead you forward by asking questions all of which are carefully thought through by our psychologists and correctly connected to each separate topic of different arrangements by our programmers.
-Forgot something while dictating a comment? Don’t delete the whole note-just add up a reminder to an existing one.
-Due to our algorithm all voice recorded comments take up to 10 times less memory of your device than any of GSM-encoded files.

Sapie doesn’t only organize your schedule and your personal data, but also presents herself with a real personality: voice and looks.
Eager to have brand new experience with Sapie?
She’ll definetly surpass your expectations.
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