Speereo Voice Organizer. (Smartphone Version)

Speereo Voice Organizer. (Smartphone Version)Program offers interaction between user and machine through a dialogue.
State-of-the-art speech interface makes Speereo Voice Organizer perfect for keeping things perfectly planned while out of office.
Keep track of your current agenda, save time and organize your day.
Send voice e-mails and voice-dial your contacts.
Multiple Pocket PC’s Best Software Finalist, Speereo Voice Organizer will definitely surpass your expectations.

Corporate Edition can be optionally upgraded with downloadable personal secretary – Sapie.
Sapie Skin for Speereo Voice Organizer is an artificial character with its own looks and manner of speech.
Speereo Voice Organizer combines features of three Speereo products:
• Speereo Voice Reminder
Voice Reminder features quick agenda planning via 3 easy steps of voice data input including Appointments, Events and Meetings.
• Speereo Voice Contact
Voice Contact allows to record contact information and find person by name, company or city. Voice dialing available.
• Speereo Voice Mailer
Voice Mailer offers almost unlimited length of audio message due to very small size of file.
Interface & Technology
• Voice Navigation through logically structured interface;
• Easy one-button operation;
• All data is stored in device memory, so no need to call out and pay subscription fee;
• Speereo Speech Recognition technology offers 100% speaker – independency from any user’s accent;
• Unique high compression recording algorithm with 2 voice compression modes;
• Unlimited voice comment additions;
• Desktop PC Synchronization.
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