Speereo Voice Reader for PC

Speereo Voice Reader for PCSpeereo Voice Reader is an innovative digital news & correspondence reader that utilizes Speereo Text-To-Speech (TTS). Once you give a command to read a list of messages, selected text, headers, etc., Speereo TTS will automatically start reading text out loud, thus freeing your hands for driving, making morning coffee, etc.

This program is intended for anyone who takes time to read news, mail, SMS daily. Application will read all your correspondence, news & SMS giving you freedom to do something else at the same time.

Application can update your messages and news automatically (daily or from time to time) and keeps a list of previously downloaded messages.

Via ‘Settings’ menu you can set Speereo Voice Reader to read all your updated messages right after they are downloaded, or make application read just headers of what you’ve received.

If you are an active person who’s always ‘on the run’ or driving and has to take extra time to get your mail and news and read them – Speereo Voice Reader is for you!

At any time you can compose a new mail message and attach your voice message to it.

Create and SMS message and send it to your friends.

Moreover, with Speereo Speech Recognition System installed, you do not have to tap your screen in order to access certain RSS-feed or message – read its header and application will open it for you – true mobility and freedom.
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