Speereo Voice Translator (16 languages for UIQ 2.1)

Speereo Voice Translator (16 languages for UIQ 2.1)Communicating in a foreign language? Nothing’s simple! With Speereo Voice Translator you will forget about linguistic and geographical barriers! That’s exactly what Speereo Voice Translator can do for you!

Once you check the proper phrase in one of the selected 7 languages (Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Japanese), Speereo Voice Translator immediately reads back the same phrase in the other language.

About 4,000 most commonly used phrases, business, technical, medical, and legal terms, conversational phrases, idioms, and some slang are arranged in 16 main categories and 87 subcategories by subject, such as Travel, Useful, City, Buy Food, Shopping, Health and Entertainment.

Always staying in touch with the world! Enjoy the best world travel guides on your smartphones!

Speereo Voice Translator has been enhanced by the Columbus Travel Guides on every country and many cities, which had been especially adapted for Speereo Voice Translator. Columbus Travel Guides is an invaluable source of comprehensive and detailed information for countries and cities worldwide. Now, wherever you go, with Speereo Voice Translator powered by Columbus Travel Guides you will have at hand all useful information on the place of your visit, including sights, hotels, restaurants etc.

Moreover, you can get free updates of actual weather in any city included in the used guides as well as the nearest time weather forecasts (GPRS connection is needed).

Speereo Voice Translator v 1.0 – for Symbian series 60, version 2 devices such as Nokia 6600, 6260, 6620, 6630, 7610. The installation includes 2 languages (English, one other) or 7 languages (Multilanguage series) and one free guide.

Speereo Voice Translator v1.0 – Symbian UIQ devices such as SonyEricsson P800, P900, P910. The installation includes 2 languages (English, one other) or 7 languages (Multilanguage series) and one free guide.

Application Use

Speereo Voice Translator includes 2 main parts – a phrase-book that enables to translate phrases from one language to another and a guide that is a source of information on the selected countries and cities. Switching from the phrase-book to the guide to be done in the Application’s menu.


Phrases to translate are divided into several sections and topics for more convenient search. Each section is divided into subsections (topics). At the start application there will be opened a window with the available sections. Select one of the sections and open a list of phrases appropriate to this section and topic.
Select by using the phone joystick. Also use the phone joystick to navigate in the list of phrases. Press ‘OK’ button on the selected phrase, there will be opened a window with translation, the selected phrase translation sound will be played.
‘Topics’ – navigate in the selected section’s topics.
‘Context topics’ – go to topics usually used to the selected phrase.
‘Forward’ and ‘Backward’ – navigate in the visited topics.

Phrase-book Settings

‘Settings’ menu item enables to select the following Application’s option.

‘From Language’ – specify the language to translate from.
‘To Language’ – specify the language to translate into.
‘Font size’ – specify the type size for the phrases list.
‘Font’ – specify the font type.
In case the selected language is not registered yet, you will be asked to enter a registration code that can be taken on www.speereo.com. You can delete the language file in ‘Languages->Delete’ to free memory. The registration information in that case is not lost. You can install that language later.


‘Guides’ is the information on countries and cities divided by sections for more convenient use. At the start switch to ‘Guides’ mode, there will appear a screen with a list of guides installed on the phone. Select the required guide by the joystick and press ‘OK’ button. If the guide isn’t free and not registered yet, you will be asked to enter a guide registration code. To navigate in the guide, use the joystick.

‘OK’ – open a section
‘Joystick back’ – navigate on a level up
‘Button 5′ – switch between full screen and normal mode.

Select link or press ‘jog-dial’ – open a section
‘Jog-dial back’ – navigate on a level up


Select a ‘Weather’ menu item to get the actual weather update for the corresponding city or country as well as weather forecast for the nearest time (GPRS connection is needed).

Guides Downloads from the Speereo’s site.

When in ‘Guides’, you can download the required country or city guides directly from the Application. Select ‘Guides->Guides on Web’ to connect with the guides repository on speereo.com (GPRS connection is needed).
Thus, you may not keep all the necessary guides on your smartphone, you can download them when required. Some guides have to be registered. In this case, enter the registration key received on www.speereo.com. To delete the unneeded guide, use a ‘Delete Guide’ menu item.
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