SQL Source Control 2003

SQL Source Control 2003Visual SourceSafe integration and comprehensive database documentation.
The solution avaliable for Microsoft SQL Server developers, that enables source control and comprehensive documentation of your databases by integrating with Visual SourceSafe. Our SQL code editor features full syntax color coding to improve the readability of complex statements, Intellisense-style code completion, Find/Replace with regular expressions support, line numbering and many more.
Full source control and documentation versioning support
Long awaited integration with Microsoft® Source Safe server. No server-side components needed!. Versioning for each database item including SQL scripts and documentation history.
Comprehensive database documentation
Create database items documentation quick and easy, down to table columns or stored procedure parameters.
HTML Documentation reports
Create documentation for all or selected database objects reports in easy to read and share HTML format.
NEW! Intellisense-style code completion
By displaying information in drop-down lists it assists you with statement completion and the available properties of database objects, for example table columns list as you type your SQL code in the editor.
Easy SQL Server database items management.
Thanks to connection groups, managing multiple databases from multiple servers was never so easy! Browse, edit and remove existing, add new tables, views, stored procedures, functions and triggers.
Easy teamwork development
Developers may work together on the same database. With exclusive checkouts you don’t have to worry about possibility of several developers changing the same database object. And even more, each change is independely versioned and documented!
Bring deleted SQL database items back to life
With deleted items management you may recover deleted database items from source control and put them back into your database.
XML-based solution
All documentation and source control features are XML-based.
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