StereoMorpherPlus (free trial)

StereoMorpherPlus (free trial)StereomorpherPlus is intended for generating new views basing on a stereo pair, that is, in-between and outer views.
StereomorpherPlus is intended for 2D to 3D conversion.
StereomorpherPlus uses the basic principle of usual morphing applications: drawing of identical shapes in left and right images, and transformation of the left shape into the right shape. But there are some essential particularities:
There is a function of automatic polygons creation;
Identical polygons can be created by stereo matching tool and be corrected manually;
The polygons are created for one view only (left or right), then second view polygons are created by copying and shifting of first view polygons or by stereo matching;
Morphing algorithm differs from algorithm of usual morph application. There is a possibility to generate in-between and outer views to expand the viewing field.
Invisible fragments are painted using the special in-paint algorithm.
Possible to create the depth map using the left and right polygons (it’s not stereomatching analyze).
Attention: the program could not work without the latest software libraries from Microsoft 2010. Please, don’t forget to download and install them.
Please, download and install MultiViewer module too.
Download the demo version here (18 MB), demo version processes only Greyscale images.
More detailed information, the demo-version, samples and tutorials is available here.
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Summary: StereomorpherPlus, Microsoft, 18 MB

Concepts: Left-wing politics, Right-wing politics

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