StereoTracer Pro

StereoTracer ProTriaxes StereoTracer converts 2D images or stereo-photo into glasses-free 3D format.
StereoTracer automatically generates multiview stereo frames for lenticular 3D photo printing.
Depth-Map Processing
StereoTracer uses depth maps to create 3D images out of a single 2D image. The gray color gradation shows each pixel’s distance from the viewer. StereoTracer can work with user-drawn depth maps for 2D photos or automatically calculate the depth map for source stereo pairs.
Stereo camera compatibility
StereoTracer supports the .MPO file format used by the Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D camera. The program automatically converts stereo .MPO files into multiview stereo sequences for lenticular 3D photo printing.
Auto Adjustment
The auto alignment feature enables the user to obtain a better 3D visualization effect.
StereoTracer output is easily compatible with 3DMasterKit for full-grown lenticular 3D pictures.
–°ommon Features
multi-view frames generation out of original 2D picture and depth-map
depth-map correction by means of histogram or any external graphic editor
support of the BMP, TIFF, JPEG formats
export into animated GIF and AVI formats for demonstration purposes
quick export into 3DMasterKit
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