Subliminal CD – Burn-out – Nein Danke – Neue Kraft

Subliminal CD - Burn-out - Nein Danke - Neue KraftThere is only a big void within you? You have no strength left? Don’t wait until it is too late. Learn how to draw boundaries and keep them up. Your first priority is looking after yourself; you will learn how to say NO – out of love. You will take step after step back to your own strength and confidence. You alone will determine how to live your life with vigor, set your goals and make sure, visions come true. You won’t let anyone exploit you. You know your value and have taken your life into your own hands.

Subliminal information is something that will enter your subconscious directly and effect the desired changes. Subliminal affirmations are imbedded in a melody and are not individually discernible. However, the subconscious accepts them and starts the process of reaching the desired goal.
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