Subliminal CD – Sucht – Entziehungskur leichter meistern

Subliminal CD - Sucht - Entziehungskur leichter meisternYou are in therapy in order to get rid of your addiction. It is not easy but you are resolved to win this battle. Let the positive messages support you in reaching this goal. You will have to wander again through lows but they will not be as deep as the ones you already have gone through. But highs and the sense of achievement of having successfully made it through another day will make you happy and proud. You will be motivated to remain on this perfect path.

Subliminal information is something that will enter your subconscious directly and effect the desired changes. Subliminal affirmations are imbedded in a melody and are not individually discernible. However, the subconscious accepts them and starts the process of reaching the desired goal.
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