Subliminal mp3 CD 20 ADS Calmness

Subliminal mp3 CD 20 ADS CalmnessThere is nothing to do. Sooner or later you will feel a wonderful calmness within you which supports you in the course of your day.
You may be surprised at how easy it is to do nothing but listen at first and then playfully trying out a few things and adopt them for yourself.
While listening you sink deeper and deeper into this state of relaxation and let go of reality.
The more you enjoy this state of absolute relaxation, the more you enjoy your inner calm.

Subliminal information is something that will enter your subconscious directly and effect the desired changes.
Subliminal affirmations are imbedded in a melody and are not individually discernible. However, the subconscious accepts them and starts the process of reaching the desired goal.

These products replace at no time a necessary medical and therapeutic treatment.
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