Subliminal mp3 CD 24 Pass exams without stress

Subliminal mp3 CD 24 Pass exams without stressYour heart beats fast, you start to sweat. Your knees and hands tremble.
You can no longer talk or write. Your memory seems blank.
Panic is all you can feel. Listen to the CD at a low volume in the background while you learn.
Prepare yourself several times a day for the coming exams and you master the event confidently.
You have now control over the bodily reactions and your knowledge is accessible to its fullest extent.

Subliminal information is something that will enter your subconscious directly and effect the desired changes.
Subliminal affirmations are imbedded in a melody and are not individually discernible. However, the subconscious accepts them and starts the process of reaching the desired goal.

These products replace at no time a necessary medical and therapeutic treatment.
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