SupSubmitSupsubmit is a powerful application to submit your websites to directories, search engines or other websites.
Supsubmit can fill up most forms using specific or generic keys.
Supsubmit is fast: this software can fill up web pages while other web pages are loading.
Supsubmit includes an interface to customize your context menu: it is possible to sort websites into different categories (and if you want, save filtered lists) but it is also possible to fill up forms using a specific context menu and usually you don’t need to search in the web page’s source code to fill forms automatically.
Customizable: you can create your own list of websites, you are not limited with the list that someone else created for you.
It is very easy to add new websites, so you don’t need to buy:
– a software to submit to directories
– a software to submit to "top lists"
– a software to submit to websites dedicated to a specific topic (like sharewares for example)
+ price to keep your lists up-to-date
One software is needed and you don’t need to buy a membership: Supsubmit and you are free.

You have links to submit to promote your website ?
Download Supsubmit and follow our tutorials to improve your productivity.
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