SVG SDK (PDF/PostScript to SVG)

SVG SDK (PDF/PostScript to SVG)FLY SDK delivers the flexibility developers need to generate the highest-quality web-ready W3C standard SVG. Proven, reliable and accurate, it preserves the original file formatting as well as all attributes such as fonts, colors and orientation. The resulting SVG is quick, compact and can be easily wrapped for use in XML, HTML and Java. The SVG files produced can be viewed, edited, archived, printed or published on web sites, mobile devices or used in web-based applications. Input is PDF, PostScript or Windows Metafiles. Output is SVG.

FLY SDK is a comprehensive framework that drives conversion from PDF, PostScript and Windows Metafiles to many industry-standard graphics, interchange and archive formats. The compact and high-performance FLY SDK is based on a proven engine which delivers the highest degree of accuracy combined with the flexibility developers need to control the conversion process on a granular level. Using the unique Intelligent Configuration Options, developers can control output and compensate for deficiencies in the source or target file format when integrating conversions or import/export capabilities into applications.

The FLY SDK is licensed per application or project. It includes 500 end-user runtimes or the right to run the resulting process on up to eight limited production servers each supporting conversion of up to 10,000 files per year. For redistribution beyond these limits, additional End-User Runtime Licenses are available. Lite and Unlimited Production Server licenses are also available to drive automation projects.

The SDK is available for Microsoft Windows as a DLL and on Mac OS X, Linux, Sun, HP and IBM UNIX operating systems as a Command-line interface.


SDK Pricing shown is for Software only. The 1-yr Advantage Support Subscription is available upon purchase and is highly recommended to ensure free access to all updates, upgrades and new versions as well as support if required.
If FLY SDK is used in a commercial product, Advantage Support is mandatory throughout the product life-cycle
The Advantage Support renewal price is calculated in subsequent years at 20% of combined license and runtime purchases.
A supplemental Priority Engineering Subscription (PEP) offers high-level access to engineers, patches outside of the release cycle, priority troubleshooting and integration optimization. 3 months at $1500 or at $5000 per year.
SDK’s are licensed for use per application/project. Name must be included in license or confirmation email.
The resulting application or process requires a run-time per user or per server. The maximum distribution for the standard FLY SDK is 2,500 end-users or 150 servers. For requirements above these limits, an OEM agreement must be negotiated.
The LPL is a Lite Production License limited to 10,000 conversions per year. The UPL is an Unlimited Production License.
Available for Microsoft Windows as a DLL and on Mac OS X, Linux, Sun, HP and IBM UNIX as a Command-line interface.
Contact Visual Integrity for alternate pricing options and custom input/output formats.
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