SVG Server (Unlimited Production License)

SVG Server (Unlimited Production License)The SVG Server Unlimited Production License generates the highest-quality web-ready W3C standard SVG. Proven, reliable and accurate, it preserves the original file formatting as well as all attributes such as fonts, colors and orientation. The resulting SVG is quick, compact and can be easily wrapped for use in XML, HTML and Java. The SVG files produced can be viewed, edited, archived, printed or published on web sites, mobile devices or used in web-based applications. Input is PDF, PostScript or Windows Metafiles. Output is SVG. Intelligent configuration options give a high degree of flexibility over the resulting conversion. The SVG Server is ideal for pumping any PDF page content to the Web. The Unlimited Production License is priced per server and imposes no limitations on conversion volume. For small scale projects, consider the Limited Production License or the value-priced pdf2svg Pro CL series. Commercial applications require OEM licensing. An SDK is available.
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