SYNCING.NET Personal 2 Edition

SYNCING.NET Personal 2 EditionSYNCING.NET is the best synchronization tool on the market Top reasons: * SYNCING.NET combines synchronization of Outlook and Files in one tool. * SYNCING.NET is very easy to use and can be setup in minutes. No special IT-knowledge is required. * Your data is synchronized in real-time and fully automatically. * SYNCING.NET transfers your data directly between PCs, what significantly improves synchronization speed. * Your data is highly secured and encrypted at the highest level (military grade). * You can share Outlook and Files with other SYNCING.NET users. * All your data is available offline, so you can work even when no Internet connection is available. * All existing Windows versions from XP to Windows 8 32- and 64-bit are supported. * All major Outlook versions from 2002 to Outlook 2013 32- and 64-bit (also in Office 365 installations) are supported. Outlook Whether the desktop at the office, the laptop at home or the notebook for everything in between, SYNCING.NET makes certain you have your complete Outlook data available anytime and anywhere. Complete Outlook syncing: e-mail, contacts, calendars and tasks using only the Internet. And for the times you just don’t have Internet access, the program works offline as well. For small and medium businesses and road warriors alike, we offer the best Outlook sync software solutions available. Sync Outlook between computers effortlessly and without a server. Sync Outlook contacts between your own PCs or share Outlook contacts with colleagues. Outlook contact synchronization Synchronize contacts between your laptop and notebook, or sync contacts between you and other colleagues. Our software solutions are very flexible, allowing for individualized data management. Choose what Outlook data you wish to sync and with whom you wish to sync it. Optimize data exchange for you and your company. Outlook calendar synchronization Keep Outlook appointments up-to-date on multiple computers. Sync your calendar with your own PCs or share Outlook calendars with colleagues. Real-time synchronization ensures that newly created appointments are always available to all participants within your closed user group immediately. With our SYNCING.NET Business Edition we offer businesses a powerful solution that ensures optimal team communication, without the big budget drain of servers and IT maintenance. Outlook calendar syncing for every member of the team – on site or off. All my PCs’ Outlooks identical – easy and automatic Customers who want to synchronize their own PCs will find the perfect solution in our SYNCING.NET Software. The SYNCING.NET Editions can synchronize Outlook e-mails, calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes as well as any type of files. We offer different Editions depending on the number of devices so that you can sync your desktop PCs, laptops and notebooks, or any combination. Any PC, anywhere, anytime. Innovative synchronization solutions for today’s business world!
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