SysInfoTools NK2 File Recovery[Single Home User License]

SysInfoTools NK2 File Recovery[Single Home User License]SysInfoTools Outlook Cached Contacts Recoveryis a cost-effective solution that helps you recover your crucial contacts from corrupt NK2 files of MS Outlook. The software takes no more time to scan a corrupt NK2 file and recovers all your contacts from it.
Key Features of SysInfoTools Outlook Cached Contacts Recovery:-
Successfully Repairs corrupt Outlook NK2 file.
Recovers unreadable data from NK2 file.
Saves recovered data in VCF and CSV format.
Generates log file of NK2 recovery process in text format.
Supports all major versions of MS Outlook and Windows operating systems.
Recovers maximum possible data (cached contacts) from corrupt NK2 files
Easy-to-use software application, i.e. does not require prior technical knowledge
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