SysInfoTools OpenOffice Base Repair[Single Home User License]

SysInfoTools OpenOffice Base Repair[Single Home User License]SysInfoTools OpenOffice Base Repair tool. is an advanced solution to repair highly corrupt or severely damaged ODB files of OpenOffice Base program. It enables users to successfully restore tables and other content from a damaged ODB file of OpenOffice Base.
Key Features of SysInfoTools OpenOffice Base Repair include:-
Efficiently recovers unreadable data from corrupt ODB files.
Supports recovery on any version of Open Office software.
Recovers data completely from corrupt ODB documents.
Supports previewing of content of the recovered file.
Repairs large sized .odb files in very quick time.
Corrupt ODB files are recovered into new ODB files with recovered data.
Displays preview of all the recovered Meta data from corrupt OpenOffice Base ODB files.
Recovers texts, tables, queries, forms, reports, functions and other objects from corrupt ODB files.
Support multiple files recovery simultaneously.
Easy to use, no technical skills required.
Restores the file at user specified location.
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