SysInfoTools PDF Image Extractor[Administrator License]

SysInfoTools PDF Image Extractor[Administrator License]SysInfoTools PDF Image Extractor is a highly advanced recovery and utility program for extracting images, pictures and graphics from corrupted as well as normal PDF (Portable Document Format) file.
Key Features of PDF Image Extractor:-
Extracts images, pictures and graphics from normal as well as corrupted .pdf file.
Supports multiple PDF files selection and extraction.
It does not require Adobe Reader or any other third party tool.
No re-compression of images and graphics for best quality.
Converts .pdf files into mostly used raster formats JPEG, BMP, PNG and GIF.
It does not alter image size and affect the integrity of data.
Supports simultaneous viewing of images in all open .pdf files.
Supports all Windows based operating systems.
Creates separate folder for each input of .pdf file.
It does not require any extra plug-ins for operation.
It is easy to install with user friendly interface.
Displays PDF file and image information.
Saves extracted images at user defined location.
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