SysInfoTools XLSX Repair[Administrator License]

SysInfoTools XLSX Repair[Administrator License]SysInfoTools MS Excel Xlsx Repair Software successfully restores content from a severely damaged MS Excel’s XLSX file. It repairs corrupt XLSX files and successfully recovers data such as graphs, tables, Unicode character, cell data, formulae, Images, text formatting, notes and all standard cell’s properties from corrupted MS Excel XLSX spreadsheets.
Key feature of SysInfoTools MS Excel Xlsx Repair tool:-
Recover inaccessible data.
This tool facilitate safe recovery as the original corrupt file remains intact as a backup.
Allow user to fix issues and supports batch recovery of corrupted XLSX files..
Maintains the data and files’ originality while repairing them.
Allows users to save the recovered data at user desired location.
The software works in self-explanatory mode, i.e. no extra technical skill is required.
Available with demo version for free examining.
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