TablePlanner 600 Guests (Download Version)

TablePlanner 600 Guests (Download Version) The various versions of TablePlanner can be distinguished by the maximum number of guests permitted for each event. Please note that you may organize an unlimited number of events with each licence type.
From the version for 300 guest per event on, a standard module is included that enables TablePlanner to connect to common databases in order to load guest data from an address database:
> Access
> ODBC-Datenbases
> Excel
Private License
Max. 100 guests per event 19.95 euro, incl. tax (Download)
Private License
Individual Tables
Max. 150 guests per event 29.95 euro, incl. tax (Download)
From version "300" on incl. Datenbase-Interface plus
Individual Tables
Max. 300 guests per event 49.95 euro, incl. tax (Download)
Max. 600 guests per event 199.95 euro, incl. tax (Download)
Max. 1000 guests per event 999.95 euro, incl. tax (CD)
Max. 2000 guests per event 1,995.00 euro, incl. tax. (CD)
(‘1000 and ‘2000 only obtainable directly through TW drei Software & Vertriebs GmbH)
Celebrations and Events
TablePlanner supports you in all types of celebrations in which a fixed seating plan is required, or where you want to clearly plan in line with invitation acceptances and seating availability.
Typical celebrations and events:
··Festive meals
··Corporate events
··Christmas parties
··Business meetings
··Press conferences
··Sporting events
Technical Requirements
System recommendations:
··Windows 98/2000/NT/XP auf INTEL
··Intel Pentium III > = 500 MHz, 256 MB RAM, 65,.000 colors, 1024×786
··Mouse or Trackball
··Free disk space: depending of the volume of data, at least 20 MB
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