Tenorshare Android Data Recovery for Mac

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery for MacTenorshare Android Data Recovery is easy yet professional Android file recovery software that can recover lost contactes, photos, text message, call history and video from Android phone and tablet. With fancy inerface, you can easily control it and accomplish the process of recovering lost files from your Android files. The core feature of Tenorshare Android Data Recovery include: 1. Recover multiple file types: contacts, photos, SMS, call logs, videos. 2. Support all Android phones and tablets like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG and etc. 3. Support all Android version including Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. 4. Recover data lost due to deletion, rooting, factory reset, flashing ROMs, unloking, device broken and system crash. 5. Preview files before data recovery. 6. Selectively recover the files you need, instead of all of them. 7. Back up and transfer important Android files on computer. 8. Built in gide makes the process of data recovery easier. 9. Safe. It won’t damage your data and leak your personal information.
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