Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery/German

Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery/GermanTenorshare iTunes Data Recovery is a wonderful and very easy to use software tool that can extract contacts, photos, notes, sms messages, call history, and more from unreadble (.sqlitedb) file. With nothing but a few clicks of your mouse, you can get your lost call history, memory or more data back. The professional Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery has won great reputation worldwide for its user-friendly wizard-like interface, comprehensive function as well as its extremely competitive price. Fundamental reasons for choosing iTunes Data Recovery are: 1. Recover contacts, sms messages, call history and more for iPhone users. 2. Extract photo, video, music files from iTunes backup files, including the newest iTunes 10.7 backup file. 3. Work for the latest iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, the new iPad and iPod. 4. Automatically Scan Backup File of Your iOS Devices. 5. Allows to preview backup file freely. 6. Easy enough for every level of computer users. 7. Free technical support and full money-back guarantee. 8. Easy 3-step wizard
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