testMajor Features of GstarCAD8
Speed and Performance w. A New Engine
Ensures more .dwg and APIs compatibility
More fluid data exchange
Big room for improvement and development
Less Memory Consumption
Like smart graphic partition, self-adaptive data model and memory storage management boost from 3 to 5 times user design experience, handling lees graphic data and memory occupancy specially on complex tasks or huge drawings.
Modular Software Architecture
Outstanding stability and reliability
System crash easily identified and fixed
Easier to Switch GUIs
GstarCAD 8 offers a Non-restart switching UI what is easier for users to switch between different ribbon/classic interface instead to restart the program.
Quicker Layer Manager
Set different VP color, linetype, linewidth for viewports at layout space
Layout settings be super flexible
Faster to lock/unlock layers
Differences between Versions
Differences between PRO and STD of GstarCAD8
PRO supports ACIS modeling & editing
PRO supports Solprof/solview/soldraw
PRO supports Render
Differences between New GstarCAD8 & GstarCAD 2012EX
Save your time, 5 times faster w. a new engine
Draw faster, less memory consumption w. optimization
No more worry, less crash down w. modular architecture
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About GstarCAD
GstarCAD is established in 1992 in Beijing, China. Its CAD software has been released since 2002, from GstarCAD 2002 to GstarCAD8 in 2013.
Awards GstarCAD Wins
CMMI v1.2 Maturity Level 3 in Jan 12th,2009
WIPO Creativity Award in Nov 18 2010
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