Text Extraction Server (Unlimited Production License)

Text Extraction Server (Unlimited Production License)The Text Extraction Server Unlimited Production License is optimized for the demands of the enterprise. It harnesses the power of its proven engine to extract or strip text from PDF files. This highly-flexible command-line server generates ASCII text with placement, stripped ASCII text or an ASCII preview, a summary of the first few lines of the file. It can be used to feed web sites, indexing programs and content management systems. The intelligent configuration options offer extensive control over the resulting conversion using a .ini file. Entire files can be converted as easily as a range of pages or a single page. The Limited Production License allows conversion of up to 10,000 files per year. Unlimited production licenses are also available. Commercial applications require OEM licensing. An SDK is available for API level integration. Multiplatform  available for Windows, Linux, Mac, Sun, HP and IBM.
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