The Change Management Toolkit

The Change Management ToolkitDetails

Need help Managing IT Changes in your Organization?

Look no further and purchase this one-of-a-kind Change Management Toolkit today!

Any successful business will understand the importance of maintaining effective Change Management processes within their organization. Change Management processes are implemented to ensure IT Services are delivering what they promised: TRUST.

The Art of Service’s Change Management Toolkit improves and maintains IT Service quality, providing a structured approach to managing and implementing changes in the IT Infrastructure. The toolkit will enable you to repetitively conduct actions that include scheduling, reporting, and monitoring of IT changes.

Here is your chance to take control of your organization with this original, first class resource for Change Management. This Toolkit will provide you with all of the information, definitions, and processes needed to successfully and easily integrate a Change Management program into your organization.

This leading Change Management Toolkit contains Presentations, Blueprints, and Assessments:

– The carefully created Power Point Presentations can be used to educate or be used as the basis for management presentations or when making business cases for Change Management implementation. These presentations will give you an insightful plethora of knowledge and understanding of all the terms, activities, and concepts required within the Change Management process.

– The supporting documents and assessments provided within this Toolkit will help you identify the areas within your organization that require the most activity in terms of change and improvement.

– Additional information and bonus material, containing success secrets to embedding Change Management into any organization, provided will enable you to vastly increase your success rate.

A Quick Look Inside: This First-Class Toolkit contains:

Change Management Intro Presentation
Change Management ITIL® Presentation
Types of Change Request
Toolkit Roadmap – Change Management
Roles and Responsibilities
Request For Change (RFC) Template
Reports KPI’s other metrics
Policies objectives scope
Implementation Plan: Project Plan
Example Request for Change Workflow
Example Contents of Change Documentation
Communication Plan
Change Review Document
Change Schedule template
Change Mgmt Business and IT Flyers
Change Management E-Mail Text
Category Definition
CAB Meeting minutes
Business Justification document
COBIT Fact Sheet
Microsoft Operations Framework Presentation
Six Sigma Fact Sheet

The documents listed above correspond directly with IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) processes. Clear instructions explaining the application of each template are provided within the corresponding documents.

Purchase the Change Management Process Toolkit Risk Free Today!

The instant you purchase the collection, the factsheets, presentations, and tools included above will be available to you through a simple download!

Need help justifying your investment?

At the Art of Service, we know how important your time is for you and we also understand that nobody can substitute you in certain scenarios. That is why we give you
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