The Cobit Toolkit

The Cobit ToolkitThis toolkit provides a wide variety of resources to boost your understanding and ability to implement Cobit in your organization with 29 ready-to-use resources.
This toolkit is designed to provide a guiding hand to assist you in improving your knowledge and understanding of Cobit by offering easy to use templates, blueprints, and documents that can be adapted to your organization’s requirements.
Buy with confidence, the Cobit toolkit has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee & Free Returns.
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Put together by The Art of Service’s industry experts and providing ready to use documents, this valuable kit takes the reader beyond the theoretical to focus on the real benefits and deliverables of Cobit and how to apply them successfully within an organization.
This innovative set of documents and ready-to-use templates will provide you with a head start for both learning and applying of a Cobit approach that meets today’s standards. It is tailor-fit for professionals who don’t have the time or resources at hand to develop the required templates and structure for implementation.
The Complete Cobit Toolkit Includes the following 29 resources:
1.File: 02 Data Warehouse Development Process.doc – Summary: One simple way of identifying what data objects are of most concern in your organization is to identify the subject of any existing or potential lists in the organization, such as a client list, a supplier list, an employee list, etc. Wordcount: 4712
2.File: 00 Service Desk-Introduction.docx – Summary: Ability to match end user’s concern/request with similar/past concerns/requests � For incident/problems, the tool is commonly called a Known Error Database and will allow the Service Desk analyst to search symptoms to identify pre-defined workarounds and resolutions to address the end users concerns. Wordcount: 2384
3.File: 03 Perspectives on Requirements.docx – Summary: The customer’s perception of the service is consistent with the designed, and actual, performance of the service, but they have greater expectations on the service: in this circumstance, new expectations need to be set for the customer. Wordcount: 3627
4.File: 00 Introduction to CSI Toolkit.ppt – Summary: Within this toolkit you, will find lots of useful information that will not only help you to update your knowledge and understanding of the new Continual Service Improvement phase and accompanying processes, but also provide you with relevant bonus materials and practical, usable materials for use within your working environment. Wordcount: 245
5.File: 01 Overview of Continual Improvement.ppt – Summary: Identify and implement individual activities to improve IT service quality and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of enabling ITSM processes. Wordcount: 937
6.File: 03 Continual Improvement Process.ppt – Summary: An assessment for ISO/IEC 20000 is a capability assessment; it shows whether or not the requirements of ISO/IEC 20000 are being met. Wordcount: 1074
7.File: COBIT Easy Explanation Fact Sheet.docx – Summary: COBIT 5 provides an end-to-end framework for the governance and management of enterprise IT. Wordcount: 294
8.File: ISO 20000 FAQs.doc – Summary: ISO 9000 is applied and used by all organizations in different sectors and industries and whilst it has certain attributes and benefits that are valuable to your existing commercial relationship, you should consider whether you wish to have a specific certification for the IT Service Management (ITSM) component of your business. Wordcount: 2809
9.File: COM28800 COBIT Fact Sheet.doc – Summary: As far as the COBIT framework is concerned, the entire realm of IT/process auditing is divided into four domains, seen listed below. Wordcount: 380
10.File: Implementing Service Design.doc – Summary: Once the vision and high-level objectives have been defined, the service provider then needs to review the current situation, terms of what processes are in place and the maturity of the organization. Wordcount: 1567
11.File: CSI – Principles.ppt – Summary: “We don’t need to change, we’ve always done it this way and its worked fine most of the time” Wordcount: 987
12.File: COBIT Presentation.ppt – Summary: ISACA is an international professional, technical and education organisation dedicated to being a recognised global leader in IT governance, security, control and assurance. Wordcount: 590
13.File: Service Catalogue Reasons Hints Tips.ppt – Summary: for browsing available service offerings – should all be included in a Wordcount: 1447
14.File: ISO 20000 FAQ’s.doc – Summary: ISO 9000 is applied and used by all organisations in different sectors and industries and whilst it has certain attributes and benefits that are valuable to your existing commercial relationship, you should consider whether you wish to have a specific certification for the IT Service Management (ITSM) component of your business. Wordcount: 3065
15.File: ISO IEC 20000 Presentation.ppt – Summary: An integrated known error database should be used to store details of previous incidents/problems and their resolutions – so that any recurrences can be more quickly diagnosed and fixed.�Wordcount: 2671
16.File: Terms and Definitions and acronyms.doc – Summary: Meeting the requirements in ISO/IEC 20000 (or another national or international standard), as assessed by an internal audit or an organization that is not an accredited certification body or qualified to carry out ISO/IEC 20000 certification audits. Wordcount: 1098
17.File: v0.1 it infrastructure library.doc – Summary: Thanks to this framework of proven best practices, the IT Infrastructure Library can be used within organisations with existing methods and activities in Service Management. Wordcount: 279
18.File: 01 Big Data Development Process.doc – Summary: A scope statement any bigger than half an A4 page may be too lengthy to read, lose the intended audience with detail, and not be clearly focused on answering the WHAT question for this process. Wordcount: 4823
19.File: 01 Cloud Computing Development Process.doc – Summary: Some organizations may choose not to deploy internal cloud services, but this does not mean that internal designs are not required, especially if more than one cloud service is used to support a single business process. Wordcount: 6092
20.File: 00 Enterprise Architecture Intro Presentation.ppt – Summary: The Zachman Framework will be used in this Toolkit to define enterprise architecture and describe its basic principles for an organization adopting enterprise architecture; thus laying the foundation for subsequent discussions as other frameworks are introduced. Wordcount: 660
21.File: 02 Developing Enterprise Architecture.ppt – Summary: All principles have reason(s) for their existence (rationale), which is typically related to achieving business objectives and understanding impact (implication) for adopting the principle in system architectures. Wordcount: 1142
22.File: 03 Creating a Reference Model.doc – Summary: A reference model plays the same role for an architect that the Lego catalog described above would play for a child; it allows the architect to quickly identify and use existing and available building blocks in the architecture. Wordcount: 1423
23.File: 00 Help Desk-Introduction.doc – Summary: Ability to resolve incidents or fulfill requests � From remote access to systems to password reset tools, the ability of the Help Desk to address the end users’ concerns/requests are often dependent on the Help Desk’s access to useful monitoring and management tools within the service environment. Wordcount: 2384
24.File: 02-1 Knowledge Discovery Development Process.doc – Summary: After understanding where the knowledge is located, who wants it and who has it and current modes of sharing, the next step in developing an organization’s capabilities in knowledge discovery is to provide the necessary tools, which can range from storing knowledge, locating knowledge, or simply monitoring transfer of knowledge. Wordcount: 5411
25.File: 02-2 Knowledge Capture Development Process.doc – Summary: To ensure that motivation is retained, changes are accepted and the program stays on track to reach the desired long-term goals, those responsible for the CSI program should plan for and target a range of goals, including short-term, medium-term, and long-term wins. Wordcount: 4660
26.File: Presentation 2 – Project Management & PRINCE2.ppt – Summary: Quality Planning: Integrated into the Starting Up of a Project (SU) process; the way that the quality system will be used will be in the Project Initiation Document and therefore it will form part of each Stage Plan. Wordcount: 4598
27.File: 01 Role Examples.ppt – Summary: Ensures “major incidents” are managed appropriately and all interested parties are involved in decision-making related to resolving the incident or minimizing the impact of the incident. Wordcount: 1068
28.File: 01 Roles and Responsibilities Development Process.doc – Summary: Communication of roles and responsibilities should be made whenever a person or group discovers they must participate in or interact with a service management process: at this point, they must identify what role they are fulfilling and determine if they have the access and capabilities to perform as expected by the process. Wordcount: 7020
29.File: 00 Service Catalog Reasons Hints Tips.ppt – Summary: Establishing a standard set of service offerings, with associated levels and costs to be made available to internal IT customers, means that the organization can leverage market forces and in turn manage the demand for services. Wordcount: 1527
This toolkit includes a variety of electronic documents that provide a head start for the implementation, education and awareness for Cobit.
The kit is designed for those who need or are looking for awareness or skills, but simply don’t have time to develop the necessary templates and structure for the implementation.
The kit serves to act as a starting point. It will give you a clear path to travel. It is designed to be a valuable source of information and activities.
The Cobit toolkit:
1. Contains 29 ready to use documents covering the Preparing, Planning, Designing, Implementing, Operating and Optimizing of Cobit
2. Is scalable to any size and type of project or organization
3. Provides blueprints, templates and documents – ready to download and apply
4. Saves you time and budget
Buy with confidence, the Cobit toolkit has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee & Free Returns.
List Price $173.48 Get it now for just $97.15 ! Save $76.33 (44%)
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