The Great Facilitator

The Great FacilitatorThe Great Facilitator is an interactive learning and business support program for planning and preparing successful business meetings. The program is designed for Windows PCs and uses the latest interactive multimedia technologies to provide users with a Self-Managed Interactive Learning Environment. The program includes: Lectures, Library of Example Phrase and Example Facilitation Skits, Interactive Quiz, Techniques, and FAQ’s, as well as an interactive meeting analyzer to help you plan and prepare your business meetings.
Part One: Learn Effective Meeting Skills
– How to Plan and Prepare Your Business Meetings.
– How to Facilitate Your Business Meetings.
– How to Actively Participate in Business Meetings
– Learn Useful Phrases, Expressions and Techniques.
Part Two: Plan and Prepare Your Business Meetings
– Analyze Your Business Meetings
– Plan Your Meeting
– Write Your Meeting Script
– Export Your Script to a Text document and to DSpeech (Text To Speech Program).
NOTE: The trial version is active for 14 days.
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