The Service Catalogue Toolkit

The Service Catalogue ToolkitThis toolkit provides a wide variety of resources to boost your understanding and ability to implement Service Catalogue in your organization with 9 ready-to-use resources.
This toolkit is designed to provide a guiding hand to assist you in improving your knowledge and understanding of Service Catalogue by offering easy to use templates, blueprints, and documents that can be adapted to your organization’s requirements.
Buy with confidence, the Service Catalogue toolkit has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee & Free Returns.
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Put together by The Art of Service’s industry experts and providing ready to use documents, this valuable kit takes the reader beyond the theoretical to focus on the real benefits and deliverables of Service Catalogue and how to apply them successfully within an organization.
This innovative set of documents and ready-to-use templates will provide you with a head start for both learning and applying of a Service Catalogue approach that meets today’s standards. It is tailor-fit for professionals who don’t have the time or resources at hand to develop the required templates and structure for implementation.
The Complete Service Catalogue Toolkit Includes the following 9 resources:
1.File: Example Service Catalogue.doc – Summary: The Technical Service Catalogue is extremely beneficial when constructing the relationship between services, SLAs, OLAs and other underpinning agreements and components, as it will identify the technology required to support a service and the support group(s) that support the components. Wordcount: 160
2.File: Roles and Responsibilities of Service Catalogue Management (SCM).doc – Summary: Ensuring that all changes are assessed for their impact on service levels, including SLA’s, OLA’s and underpinning contracts, including attendance at Change Advisory Board meetings � if appropriate Wordcount: 375
3.File: Service Catalogue 1.doc – Summary: If the user Department has not purchased the Desktop Support Package, the Department is required to provide Novell client licenses for each user machine that will access the data storage, and install the ACME IT configuration of this client. Wordcount: 4442
4.File: Service Catalogue 2.doc – Summary: ACME IT personnel who provide this service will function as part of a development team and will be expected to provide work products as required by the development project and to complete their work as required by the project schedule. Wordcount: 7167
5.File: Service Catalogue Management Intro Presentation.ppt – Summary: Provide practical and user friendly documents for you to use within your organization. Wordcount: 130
6.File: 8 Steps to Developing a Service Catalogue.pdf – Summary: Step three focuses on mapping established services to the existing customer population, providing IT with an understanding of service demand and an opportunity to validate all of the services actually being used. Wordcount: 405
7.File: Service Catalogue Reasons Hints Tips.ppt – Summary: for browsing available service offerings – should all be included in a Wordcount: 1447
8.File: Service Catalogue Management – Roles & Responsibilities.doc – Summary: Ensuring that all operational services and all services being prepared for operational running are recorded within the Service Catalogue Wordcount: 92
9.File: Service Catalogue Manager.doc – Summary: Ensures that all the information within the Service Catalogue is accurate and up-to-date Wordcount: 235
This toolkit includes a variety of electronic documents that provide a head start for the implementation, education and awareness for Service Catalogue.
The kit is designed for those who need or are looking for awareness or skills, but simply don’t have time to develop the necessary templates and structure for the implementation.
The kit serves to act as a starting point. It will give you a clear path to travel. It is designed to be a valuable source of information and activities.
The Service Catalogue toolkit:
1. Contains 9 ready to use documents covering the Preparing, Planning, Designing, Implementing, Operating and Optimizing of Service Catalogue
2. Is scalable to any size and type of project or organization
3. Provides blueprints, templates and documents – ready to download and apply
4. Saves you time and budget
Buy with confidence, the Service Catalogue toolkit has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee & Free Returns.
List Price $52.89 Get it now for just $30.15 ! Save $22.74 (43%)
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