Tipp10 Professional 2.1

Tipp10 Professional 2.1Quick successes
The professional 10-finger writing trainer – for an effective and fast learning of the ten finger system. This system allows you to quickly get to grips with typing errors and to learn the Tenfinger system efficiently and error-free. If you want to improve the ten-fingering system and improve yourself especially in terms of error rate and writing speed, you can also take free and own lessons.
Over 20 co-ordinated and up-to-date exercises, you gradually get accustomed to all keys on the keyboard. The dictation reacts individually to the user’s errors: frequently incorrectly typed characters, are more often dictated. The visual aids, various keyboard layouts, numerous options, and the ability to create their own practice dictation also make learning easier.
Learning progress
The learning progress is easy to follow: An evaluation function displays your current progress in a clear detail graphic. Error rate, writing speed and rating at a glance.
Feature Overview:

Scrolling and virtual keyboard
• Intelligent Exercise & Own lessons
• Free and Own Lessons
• New German Spelling
• Advanced Exercise Lessons
• Topic-based lessons
• Letters Game
• Platform-independent: For Windows, MAC and Linux
• Extensive evaluations
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Summary: virtual keyboard, New German Spelling, Windows, Linux

Concepts: Learning, Keyboard layouts, Intelligence, Keyboards, Physical exercise, Typing

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Tags: New German Spelling, bull, various keyboard layouts, virtual keyboard, error rate, professional 10-finger writing, Advanced Exercise Lessons, Quick successes, typing errors, fast learning, practice dictation, Topic-based lessons, current progress, Intelligent Exercise, up-to-date exercises, learning progress, Physical exercise, visual aids, numerous options, Feature Overview, evaluation function, Extensive evaluationsSummary, speed

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