Tracktimer Pro Kart

Tracktimer Pro KartTracktimer is software to manage racing information. Think of Tracktimer as a very intelligent log book designed solely for racing needs. Store complete session information with manual timing of up to four drivers. Stores information about the setup you used with a certain session. Possible to compare different sessions down to the last setup detail. Extensive aids for setup such as advanced gearing calculation and automatic RAD caluclation with jetting suggestions. Keeps track of costs for a number of different subgroups with regards to supplier and date. Automatic calculation of part wear in hours or distance or both. Alarms when it’s time to replace a part. Powerful order handling with automatic generation of purchase orders. Possible to define tracks with maps and lots of information about arranging organization such as e-mail adresses and home page. Export all sessions and setups to HTML for easier viewing or upload to a web server. Get full statistics of all your sessions.
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