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Trebco Education TutorsThe Trebco Educated Learner Tutors Includes: You Can Use Our Tutors By Level of The Student User : You Can Learn Using Our Software By Being A Homeschooler, A Regular Student or Professional : Our Unique Trebco Education Tutors Will Allow For Our System Users To Test Themselves By Taking Quizzes and Tutors In Many Topic Areas By Using Our Trebco Education Skillbuilder Programs Such As : -The Trebco Education Tutors Also Includes The Trebco Homeschooler’s Kit Which Includes The Following Programs Also : Math and Educational Tutors in Basic Math, Elementary School Math, Middle School Math (Long Division, Fractions, Ratios, Compound Fractions, etc..)Algebra I,II,III, Analytic Geometry, Geometry, Trigonometry, College Algebra, Calculus I, II, III, IV, Differential Equations, Multivariate and Vector Calculus, Science, History, Language Arts, Chemistry, The Bible, Thousands of Tutors and Quizzes, Step By Step Worked Out Problems, and Much, Much, More !!! Trebco Computer Systems (Systems Compatibility With Various Microsoft Windows Operating Systems) Our software systems has run and worked perfectly on various MS Windows Operating Systems from (Windows 3, 95, 98, 2000, XP) without any systems compatibility issues. We decided after lots of development effort to not write or support MS Windows Vista due to its well known issues. We have found the following to be true with our products pertaining to the MS Windows XP to Windows 7 transition. Windows XP : Windows XP was the most stable MS Windows operating system that we wrote and developed software for. We wish all users with Windows XP would purchase our software and run it, because it runs very well on Windows XP. We had no problems working with Windows XP, in fact it runs our software the best out of all MS Windows products that are available. Windows 7 Starter, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 3.0 : For Window 7 Starter (for Netbooks), Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 3.0, just install our software and begin using it. Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Enterprise, and Windows 7 Ultimate Users : Windows 7 Professional Users, Windows 7 Enterprise Users, and Windows 7 Ultimate Users must run our software in Windows XP Mode. Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows Vista : Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows Vista can not use Windows XP mode because Microsoft does not support those products in XP mode. We spent considerable effort and resources to develop our products to work in both Windows Vista and Windows 7 Home Premium Edition nbut we have finally elected not to support these operating systems.
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