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Trebco Homework HelpersTrebco Homework Helpers (3 Year License) (For Computers, Laptops, & Netbooks Running : MS Windows (95\98\XP\Win 7) Tutors, Quizzes, Professor Quizby for Homeschooler’s, GED Students, K-12 Students, High School, College Prep, College Students, Grad Students, Parents That Are Teaching Their Kids, and You !!! The Trebco Homework Helpers (THH) is our middle line software product that is very affordable, complex, yet easy to use software package that includes the homeschooler’s kit, educational tutors, business, bible tutors, math, science, geography, history, world facts, health & medical, desk organizers, astronomy, bible references and much, more !!! It varies from our flagship premium product The Trebco Personal Intranet (PI-Pro) and Trebco Personal Intranet Lite (PI-Lite) in the amount of programs and tutors that are available are not as much, nor as extensive in nature. This Software package is one of the most comprehensive PC based intranet packages currently available. It is designed to give you the flexibility to make complex calculations and to look-up hard to find info in a matter of seconds. All calculations have been tested in the field for accuracy. It is very easy to use and will become a welcome addition to your software library. This Is The First Fully Featured Software Package For The Family, Business, Professionals & Students. Features : Homeschooler’s Kit, Professor Quizby’s Quizzes, Trebco Intranet, Ref Encyclopedias, Educational Tutors for Preschool, Elementary School, Middle School, High School, College & Grad School, in Math, Science, Advanced Math, Calculus, Physics, Student’s and Adult Learners Can Learn At Their Own Pace By Selecting One of Our Learners (Structured Learner, Casual Learner, Educated Learner, or Advanced Self Paced Tutors. Program Features : Homeschooler’s Kit, Professor Quizby’s Quizzes, Trebco Intranet, Ref Encyclopedias, & Tutors, Business Programs, Economics, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Business Law, Trebco M.B.A., Info Databases, Trebco Math System, Step by Step Worked Out Problems, Algebra, Trig., Calculus, Diff. Eq’s, Chemistry & Physics. Educational Tutors : Math, History, Geography, The Holy Bible, Science, Medical, Health, Healthy Recipes, Law, Computers, & Languages, & Pictures of Planets and much, much, more. You will be Surprised at How Much More is In This Software Package. More Program Features : ·Easy Installation Program. ·Easy to use menu interface, with Integrated Help Function and Easy to follow instructions. ·Automatic Error Checking Routine with audible alert to guard against improper use. System Requirements : ·MS Windows, MS Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows XP and Below, with a MIN of 16MB RAM, min VGA, display adapters. ·A computer hard disk with 600 MB HDS, and a CD-ROM drive is required. ·This Software is designed to run on IBM compatible computers. *MS Windows, MS Windows 95, MS Windows 98, MS Windows XP, are registered Trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. *IBM is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation. To Order Our Trebco Computer Systems Software : If you don’t have a PayPAL account, once you place an order by clicking on the (Add to Cart Button), next review your order, then click on the Proceed to Checkout Button. On the next screen, go to the lower left hand part of the screen and find the credit card logos. Look for the area above the logos and you will see “Don’t have a PayPal account then click on the Continue text and then fill out your order as usual. ã 1991-2015, Trebco Computer Systems, All Rights Reserved. Trebco (© & ™), Trebco Computer Systems (© & ™), Trebco Personal Intranet (© & ™), Trebco Christian Intranet (© & ™), Trebco My Personal Intranet (© & ™), Trebco My Christian Intranet (© & ™), Dynicons (© & ™), Trebco Analysis System (© & ™), & Trebco Information Center (© & ™), Conversion Factors for Engineers, Scientists, & Students (© & ™), are trademarks or registered trademarks of Trebco Computer Systems. Trebco Computer Systems, 1011 N. Ankeny Blvd., P.O. Box #333, Ankeny, IA 50021, Telephone : (515) 664-0502, E-mail : [email protected] © & ™ Trebco Computer Systems, All Rights Reserved.
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